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"How long will it take to write and publish my book?"

Aspiring authors often ask me how long it will take to write and publish their book.

When they weren't satisfied with my "it depends" answer, I drafted this timeline.

After all, when a book gets shipped to your doorstep or see a social post announcing another book release, it seems like it should be so easy. But you do you get started? Once you have a rough manuscript, then what? When is the best time to start marketing a non-fiction book?

Friend, you have an inspiring message or story people need to hear. And when you pour your time, tears and soul into this book, it's worth doing well.

May this timeline help shape your book journey, so you can start planning your milestones and goals that lead to holding that beautiful treasure.

:-) Emily Grabatin, Book Coach

What Could Your Book Publishing Timeline Look Like?

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