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    6 months of Guided Prompts

    Sometimes you just need to know what to write about -- either because you can't think of anything or you get tired of writing the same ole thing.

    The 200-page, 6x9in Awaken Self-Discovery Journal includes

    // 6 half-page prompts each week to help you tune into the present and reflect on what's important to you.

    // 6 pages to capture the monthly highlights you want to remember

    Feel Alive and Discover Delight

    Whether it's life's burdens and busyness or crossroads and crisis, it's ease to feel stuck in the BLAH zone and lose your self of purpose.

    This guided journal includes:

    // nostolgic quotes from Anne of Green Gables, Winnie the Pooh, the Velveteen Rabbit and more to stir some whimsy again.

    // Bucket List pages, Spark Joy bingo and space to dream again

    Restore Balance

    I don't believe life is meant to be fully balanced all the time. However, certain seasons invite us to realign our focus and priorities to what matters most.

    In this journal you'll find

    // Life Categories and the My Fulfilling Wheel of Life exercise to see which areas need extra care

    // Weekly Intentions to set your focus for the week

    // Weekly Check-in pages to reflect on your wins and progress