Purpose-driven friend with a God-Dream

shift from scared and scattered... to calmly focused and fulfilled.
Crossroads stages for purpose driven entrepreneurs

Clear. Focused. Intentional. Unregrettable.

That’s the way you want to live your life as you make space for your God-dream, book or business.

Crossroads are a crucial part of your purpose-driven journey.

Sometimes you choose them — slowing down to evaluate where you’re going and what truly matters to you. Other times crossroads interrupt your well-laid intentions with desires or opportunities you would never have considered.

Still other times, the path you chose doesn’t turn out the way you wanted or the map doesn’t lead you to where you expected.

It’s up to you to DARE to decide which direction you’ll choose, knowing you’re trusting God’s nudges. Change your career. Start that business. Get that book written and published.

How exciting! And scary!

It also takes courage to create new rhythms, unlearn what hasn’t served you, and make space for what’s important, so confusion and fear don’t sabotage your income and impact.

In which phase of your Dare Journey do you feel clear and focused? And in which one do you feel scattered and muddled?


You are capable of more than you think you are! And it doesn’t have to be complicated.

It's time to feel alive, focused and profitable doing your God-dream.


Hi, I'm Emily

I’m all about helping

purpose-driven entrepreneurs

shift from scattered to focused and confident in your decisions, worth and direction

so that you can make impact and income through your God-dream.

Here are a few ways I can help you.


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I’m here to inspire you in creating the impact you feel called to make with a business, life and venture you find fulfilling and fun.

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Need help figuring out your new direction for your book idea or entrepreneurial God-dream? Need support moving from fear or scatteredness to to courage and focus?

These are just a few of the challenges I can help you with.

Ready for the adventure?


Transformation Stories

What’s meant for me? What isn’t? Why do I have great ideas but no motivation to start them, or see them through?… I have two major things in my life, which do I choose, which one is right?

These are the questions that I brought to Emily, confused. I was stressed out, with no direction and an overwhelming, wow-sized vision. 

Emily took all of this, the confusion, the million things I like to do, the wonderful ideas I had, the giant vision I believe is a call for my life, the two things that I was trying to choose between… and she helped me make sense of it all.

April Mimms


“I knew of God’s call for my life, and I knew that my purpose statement was bigger than I could handle. Overwhelmed with so much to do and having no idea where to start, I found myself in a rut.

When Emily and I started meeting weekly, not only was I able to come up with a step-by-step action plan, but I was able to let go of withstanding beliefs I had in order to discover my heart’s desire. Today I am launched and confident in pursuing my own life transformation business.”

Ash-Lee Schroeder

Transformation Coach

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