You followed God's nudge, AND wrote the book on your heart. now publish With Purpose.

Oh, the potential of a book!

Your book can...

Draw someone from a life of stress and pain to a land of love, courage and possibility

Ignite a new way of thinking, spark hope, trailblaze change

Fulfill a lifelong dream or cultivate your faith and purpose

Bridge relationships with your mission, business, or ministry

Or… your message can sit on a shelf, waiting to be discovered and purchased, because no one knows it exists. It can confuse your readers because your message isn’t clear or interesting. Maybe no one found out about it because you didn’t realize how much marketing is up to the author, not the publishers. Or sadly, your book can stay overlooked because the cover or content didn’t resonate with your readers.  

No pressure! lol

Is your book worth investing time, effort and resources?

"I can't NOT write this book." 

I’ve heard this so many times from aspiring authors. They often continue with, “But, my life is so full, how am I going to find the time to finish, publish, and market my book?”

You’re doing your best to steward all the important parts of your life” family, home, health vocation, and projects that impact lives

Yet, reasonable or not, this nudge to finish the book won’t leave. You know it’s time to get your book out into this chaotic world that needs hope and healing.

So, if you’re going to do this, it’s worth doing well! If you put in the work, you want people to actually find it and read it. You want them to experience the spark for transformation they’re longing for.

And that won’t happen by accident…


Aspiring author, you may have heard this about writing a book:

Once I write "The End," my work is done.

Oh, but the fun has just begun!

Only traditionally published authors are successful.

Did you know equal opportunity has never been greater?

Traditional publishing is easier -- they'll handle all my marketing.

Maybe, if you're famous. Be ready to ask wise questions.

Once my book is launched, of course people will want to buy it!

Hmmm... How will they find it?


Hey there, I'm Emily

I’m a book coach trusted by God-empowered entrepreneurs, service providers and ministry leaders to simplify their publishing journey.

Some fun facts about me:

📗 I handwrote my first chapter novel when I was 12; my mom typed it out for me and I handbound it with string. My methods have improved since then.
🐇 I’m mom to 2 bunnies – a cashmere mini lop with a flair for drama and a little sweetie with active ears.
💠 I have 20 years experience leading groups, strategizing projects, and streamlining processes in church groups ministry.
🧚‍♀️ My spring bliss is creating and nurturing the patio fairy garden my daughter started years ago.



Dare to Decide

You can live your meaningful life. Find peace, clarity and courage at your crossroad starting today.

want my eyes and brain on your book project?

Ways I Can Help

1:1 Sessions

Borrow my brain to tackle a book question or quandary. Or work with me one-one to prepare, independently publish and/or launch your inspiring book.

Live Group Coaching

Join the waitlist: Publish + Impact blends live group coaching, a proven framework, and a supportive community to bring your rough manuscript to polished, launched and exciting readers in your niche.

Manuscript Assessment

Got a dusty non-fiction first draft you're not sure what to do with next? Get a personal review of your manuscript, with an action plan for getting readers excited.


Client Words

“I was stuck after writing my manuscript and didn’t know how to move forward to get it published.
Having a book coach made sense to me to help me achieve my goals, and it re-energized me to move forward to realize my dream. Emily was highly organized, knowledgeable, motivating, and understanding of my goals and timeline. Within 5 months, I went from a raw manuscript to a published book.”

Ginette Armoogan,
Pastor, Coach, Social Justice Advocate

“I didn’t realize that publishing a book involved so many steps!
It was overwhelming at times, but Emily provided a template that made the whole process more easily attainable. Emily also gave me clear direction at the stages where I was unsure or unmotivated. She consistently spoke into my journey, inspiring me to carry on until the book in my heart was a book in my hands.”

Val deVries,
author of 'The Worry/Free Challenge: A Six Week Soul Challenge'
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