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Ginette Armoogan author of Hope Unhindered

pastor, coach, author & social justice advocate

Ginette Armoogan

I was stuck after writing my manuscript and didn’t know how to move forward to get it published. Discouraged that I hadn’t completed the project, I knew I needed help navigating the next steps and someone to hold me accountable.

Having a book coach made sense to me to help me achieve my goals, and it reenergized me to move forward to realize my dream.
Emily was highly organized, knowledgeable, motivating, and understanding of my goals and timeline. 

Within 5 months, I went from a raw manuscript to a published book. I’ve gained confidence in finishing a writing project and am eager to start my next one! I highly recommend Emily to anyone who wants to publish their writing, but is unsure of what to do and needs help in navigating the publishing process.

author of "The Worry/Free Challenge"

Val DeVries

I didn’t realize that publishing a book involved so many steps! It was overwhelming at times, but Emily provided a template that made the whole process more easily attainable. Emily also gave me clear direction at the stages where I was unsure or unmotivated.

I appreciate that Emily’s approach allowed me to do the things that was I was able or felt excited to do, but she also provided options for support in the areas that I lacked skill or desire. Emily consistently spoke into my journey, inspiring me to carry on until the book in my heart was a book in my hands. 
I highly recommend Emily as an Author Coach.

mom, pastor's wife, nurse, songwriter

Melanie Tuffor

I am a busy mom, pastor’s wife and nurse, who had a dream to write songs and record an album one day. The dream was buried deep in my heart for years. It was Emily that first helped me acknowledge my “God-sized dream” out loud. With her gentle, straight forward approach, I was able to start setting specific, achievable goals. Within 3 months, I wrote (and actually finished!) 3 original songs. The biggest shift and greatest take-away for me was believing that I had something of value to offer and that my gift was worth sharing. 

One year later, riding on the momentum from Emily’s coaching, I am still writing songs and plan to record an EP this year.

business owner | President & Founder of GrowthFinder Pro

Margaret Fleming

As a business owner of a small marketing company in Toronto, my calling is to serve small business owners and to train youth to become marketing leaders. I was stuck trying to manage many competing ideas, overworking and underperforming. I knew I needed some accountability and direction. 
Emily’s amazing talent is to be a clarifier and a sounding board. I can stream ideas and thoughts at her and she makes sense of it. She helps me to clarify my priorities and live them out. 
Within the first four months of working with Emily my business dramatically changed. I hired an Online Business manager and an accountant. Most importantly, I made a clear goal for what I want to accomplish in the business and am starting to build the plan to accomplish it. The clearer I get, the more resources align to help me move forward. Hiring Emily is one of the best business decisions I have ever made.
Marguerite Fleming

mom & owner of

Krysti Beckett

I am a plus-size fitness professional helping moms to gain health and confidence through nonrestrictive programming and coaching.
I was overwhelmed with making big decisions about what direction to take, working part-time, and managing my young children. I was scared of investing in services when I was not making money yet and was not sure how coaching could help me.
Emily was a voice of clarity and confidence. She gave me gentle nudges to help me find clarity and focus. Through check-ins and accountability, I was able to stay on track. She encouraged me to launch my blog, taught me effective writing strategies, and took the pressure off “doing all the things”.
I met my 3-month goal of creating a website, launching the blog, and believed that I could do big things! 

business owner | encourager | grandma

Gisele Kernahan

Dreaming is one that I am proud of accomplishing with Emily. For the first time in 30 years, I spoke out loud to Emily that I wanted to be a counsellor. That led to doing the hard research of schooling, but I am proud that I was able to let that dream rest. This led deciding to take life coach training.
With my morning rhythms, I started feeling stronger and more in tune with my own needs.  I’m eating better, walking and exercising — and that I am proud of! 
My coaching experience with Emily helped me realize I can do whatever I put my mind to, and to be the person God created me to be. And that is to be like Jesus and be a part of our community and helping the broken and lost.  

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