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1:1 Coaching Experience


You know you’re here to make an impact in your world with your gifts and message. You’re dedicated to what you do, evolving in who you are.

A God-dream has been growing in you, and it time to take some bold steps to bring in your next bit of cash and get visible (without burnout). It will require a different way of thinking and doing life. But you’re ready!

1:1 Crossroads Breakthrough Intensive

When you’re at a crossroads in your calling

… daunted by the magnitude of the decision 
…longing to know God’s will in this
…wondering how you’ll get the support and handle the inevitable opinion
…caught between knowing you’re worthy and believing it unreservedly

there’s probably a simple perspective shift that helps everything *click*. 

In this Crossroads Intensive, we break down your decision process into doable steps. I’m here with objective input and just the right dose of clarity to help you make your decision with confidence. 

Client Breakthroughs


I recently set out to begin my own online ministry and quickly found I was overwhelmed by the number of decisions and directions I was heading in.  

Emily’s compassion and knowledge created a safe place to sift through all my thoughts and ideas. She helped me identify my specific passions, narrow my focus, and move towards my goals.

Brenda Drost



“I am more equipped physically, mentally and emotionally to be a better leader. Through my coaching experience with Emily, I have grown deeper in my relationship with God.”

Amanda Fraser

Youth Leader


“My life seems all-consuming a lot of the time with two little ones. I found that through the coaching time that was set aside with Emily, I was forced (in a good way:) to focus on me. Before coaching, I wasn’t able to commit to the gifts that God had placed inside of me. Now, I feel much more settled with my calling.

Emily was incredible! I felt supported, encouraged and challenged, without feeling pushed. She kept me accountable and helped me see the small victories as something to be celebrated (something I all too often fail to celebrate.) I also loved and respected that, when I felt down or didn’t accomplish what I had set as a goal to do, I didn’t feel small, but was empowered to get up, learn from it and create a plan to help avoid those setbacks in the future.”

Jessica Smethurst

Mom, Wife, Worship Leader

“Authenticity is the daily practice of

letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be

and embracing who we are.”

 – Brene Brown


Final thoughts for you

If you’re still reading this far… I see your hungry heart. Would you reach out and connect with me?

I wasted so much time and energy in my 20’s and 30’s spinning my wheels, trying to muster the willpower and know-how to figure things out on my own. I wish someone who knew me and accepted me for who I am had sat me down, looked me in the eyes and enlightened me.

 So imagine we’re sitting over a latte as I  share my heart and believe in you:

There’s no perfect time

Something important will always come up. You’ll always need more money. You’ll always need more clarity, inspiration and courage.

When I was working towards my dreams, my appendix ruptured and I was derailed for weeks.  At the end of my workday, I was dead tired. If I hadn’t backed up my dream pursuit with physical changes and accountability structures in my life, I probably wouldn’t have gotten around to them.

You are worth believing in

I know what’s like to feel invisible. To enjoy helping others so much you’re taken for granted and your own dreams get ignored. That can be a positive quality — unless it’s your excuse.

God has invited you to participate in His magnificent story. That’s what your purpose is all about, and that’s why you are worth believing in. Only when I chose to believe it to the core of my heart did I recognize and act like I had something worthwhile to offer the world.

You don’t have to figure it all out before you begin

One of my most transformational lessons was the day I let go of perfectionism. Fear of failure gripped me.

I had no idea it was causing me to try earning a good relationship with God. I didn’t know how to respond to people might disappoint, so I avoided disappointing them at all cost.

Unfortunately, playing it safe made me lose out on all kinds of opportunities. Most days I still don’t feel like I have what it takes to do what God has called me to, but He daily assures me that He’ll fill in the gaps and be my strength in weakness.

You get to choose your own adventure

I love seeing how stories unfold for the characters over time.

But I also found myself comparing and envying other people’s stories – people who dared to travel across the world for six months or actually get their book publish, or start a business when they didn’t have it all figured out.

It wasn’t until I chose to appreciate my own story and live my own adventure that I found freedom from the comparison game.

Now it’s your turn!

Someone is waiting for the inspiration and hope of your message.

Believing in you,

 Emily Grabatin

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