Hi, I’m Emily Grabatin

I’m a Purpose and Coach who helps ordinary world-changers, like you, recognize who you really are, thrive in your purpose, and strategize your direction so your story and skills can inspire the lives of others.

It’s my mission to inspire and support you in getting your book written, your business or initiative launched, your message out there so you can have the impact, influence and even the income you dream of. 

I know how depressing and overwhelming it feels to be trapped in a life that doesn’t engage your full potential. I’ve been there. It sucks!

Sometimes, following your dreams feels unattainable. You wonder if it’s possible for you. I mean, being someone with extraordinary impact is for other people, not you . . . isn’t it?

Well, I have good news for you, Storyteller.

You were designed to live an exceptional life!

And you don’t have to stay stuck any longer, so get ready to launch your dream. It will make all the difference for someone else – and that person is waiting RIGHT NOW!

How I Got Here

Ever since I was a teen, I’ve LOVED helping people and seeing lives transformed in a significant way.

I was a quiet, reserved and quite comfortable as a behind-the-scenes girl. So when I was offered a job in my church, I was thrilled! It was my dream job! Seeing lives transformed. Partnering with a team that offered hope. Troubleshooting projects. Increasing responsibility and influence.

I loved it! Yet, I often felt like the odd one out.

Don’t get me wrong – working there shaped the best of who I am today and gave me numerous meaningful opportunities:

  • Creating processes energized me because well-implemented systems help value people’s journeys
  • Hitting burnout at age 26 taught me ways to replenish and care for myself
  • Receiving extra love and comfort when my marriage fell apart filled me with grace for others whose lives didn’t turn out the way they dreamed
  • Facilitating groups  gave me to opportunities to help people believe in themselves and discover their purpose

Along the way, I discovered the joy of inspiring people, like you, to embrace who you truly are and take courageous action in your calling.

Life was good!

Yet I was restless.

I was minimizing my story by comparing it to others’. This was keeping me from fulfilling my own dreams.

  • I longed to own my home with a little yard, which no matter how I scraped savings together, I could not make happen alone.
  • I yearned to invest in coaching certification program to gain further skills for helping others.
  • I wanted to write books and see them published and impacting lives.
  • I hoped to get married again and have kids of my own.

My inner critic and excuses leashed me to mediocrity – even though I was surrounded by world-changers!

Time is ticking. If something doesn’t change now, then when?

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t ― you’re right.”

Imagine this:

  • You wake up each morning giddy because you’re clear about what you really want and have a plan in place.
  • Guilt is a distant memory. Your days are only filled with people and projects that matter to you because you live on purpose.
  • You’re at peace with your personality, strengths and experiences – even the painful ones – because you see God weaving them into His story.
  • You believe in yourself and have the courage to make major shifts towards your God-given calling.

 I get chills of excitement when I think of that for you!

I know you WANT to believe you can do it. You’re just not sure how to get started, how to make the time, how to ditch feeling overwhelmed.

You CAN do this! If it’s truly important to you, honest, you CAN.

But, I’m going to be straight up. It’s going to mean revamping your perspective, hard work, and bold strategies. You can try to do it on your own – but you probably already know that YOU are your biggest obstacle.

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