5 Words You Want to Hear When You’re Working Hard

His webinar made me cry. Sometime you don’t know the 5 words you want to hear until you hear them.

I was in the early stages of growing my coaching business and figuring out this online entrepreneurial world and the learning never seemed to end. Everything took longer than I expected. And often it was so hard to distinguish between busy work and the tasks that would actually make progress and impact.

In his webinar, online course creation guru Danny Iny told a story of a moment in the early days of growing his business.

His wife was working the business, too. Dedicated to personal growth and improvement, he held employee reviews on his team. One day while they were driving out of town, he asked his wife to do a review on him.

She asked him the basic questions. Like most of us, he was hard on himself and went through the list of what he could have / should have / would have done…

Interrupting him, she said, “You’re doing a great job.”

“That choked me up,” he told us.

He was happy to work hard at what he did every day. But those words were his undoing. He didn’t realize how much they’d mean to him.

He told the audience the 5 words we want to hear when we’re working hard towards a dream: “You’re doing a good job, too.”

It was just a webinar. I was one of a few hundred on the call, probably evening listening to the replay. He had no clue who I was or what I’d been doing. But those words choked me up!

YOU deserve the same message.

I don’t know what you’ve been doing. But whether you’re parenting, working hard in your business, writing your book, working through tedious publishing steps, or designing your new venture… if you’re in this entrepreneurial, writing, mission-minded space, I get you.

You’re dreaming big and working hard the best way you know how.
You’re getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.
You’re staying strong, fighting to nurture an abundant, hopeful mindset.
You’re rocking your strengths and figuring out a way to nail your goals in a way that fits you.
You’re learning and growing like a sponge.

You are doing a GREAT job, my friend.

Is there more to do?

Could someone else have done it better?

Will you one day learn a better way you could be doing things?

Is there room for improvement?

But who cares?

You’re taking your calling seriously. You’re being true to yourself the best way you know how. The growing through mistakes and learning is all part of the adventure.

So why not pay it forward? Give this shout-out to today to someone on your own platform, social media, text message or in person.


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