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Who knows the most about you and your life? Aside from God – you, of course. You know what you have tried. What motivates you. What is most important to you. What God is saying to you. Chances are you have been too busy, distracted or stressed to sort things out things out on your own.

If you had someone who believes in you, you’d have the confidence needed for change.

That’s where a purpose coach comes in.

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Emily’s Perspective

  • From Stress to Purpose

From Stress to Purpose

  • October 18th, 2015

I stretched my neck from side to side, easing the tension from the monotonous [...]

Inspired Clients

Life coaching has literally given me new perspective and hope. At times I can get so stuck and lost trying to make sense of my life. My unachieved goals and dreams always seemed to fall prey to limited time and resources. However, working with Emily has literally repositioned me to move forward and find my way one step at a time. It continues to be a journey, however I would never have made the strides I have to date without her insight, support and encouragement. Thanks Emily!
Nadia, Story Track client
Before starting coaching, I was not in a good emotional situation. My God given-dreams were lost and I felt abandoned and ignored. Coaching has helped to know my dreams are not lost or stolen. Coaching has helped me to see my sense of purpose and my abilities, strengths and talents. I have a new found direction. I can understand more clearly the map God has for my life. Without the coaching experience I would still be stuck on a downward spiral. I am grateful for the experience and only wish I had a few more sessions.
Tessa, Transition Track client
Emily was wonderful at helping me carve out clear goals and objectives for what I want to do. Through our discussions, she helped me clarify several things. I had been feeling like I had to pick one thing and focus solely on it to be successful, but she helped me realize I could do both things and therefore be happy when doing each. She also helped me to see that I had already been fulfilling what my true goals have been all along.
Elizabeth, Story Track client
Emily and I explored the Life Purpose Exercises of the coaching experience. Focusing on key words from my life themes allowed me to be open for GOD to challenge and shape my perspectives, expectations and projections of Him. My transformation (a work in progress still) was based on the keyword “trust.” Emily’s thought provoking questions and resources began a reflection of my thoughts that needed a new foundation, which is being slowly engraved on my heart now.
Tamara, Purpose Track client
My most significant take-away from Purpose Coaching:  That difficult times or experiences in my life can be used as a learning experience, and to grow and develop and be prepared for more situations that may come a long. I will make sure to learn from past experiences, and realize that nothing is a waste of time or talents but rather everything is helping us build towards the person God has created us to be.
Jordan, Purpose Track client