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Tired of watching others live their story?

It’s time to awaken your dreams!

You can get unstuck even if you don’t have everything figured out yet.

You’re stuck.

The job you once loved doesn’t fit you anymore. The thought of sticking with it drains you. Life pulls you in all directions and lacks the zest you once had. It feels like part of the real you is locked away.

You ache to feel alive again.

Then there’s the big dreams that keep you up at night. Dreams you’ve never voiced because your family and friends just won’t understand:

  • A book you’re trying to write
  • The peaceful, fun yet meaningful life you want to create
  • The idea of a new venture… business… initiative

The thought of your story and passion making a difference
in someone’s life puts a lump in your throat.

Yet, what can you do?

There are half-read books on your nightstand and unfinished projects around the house.
Your routine is jammed with things you don’t want to do but feel you have to.
You come home dead tired. And your bank account reminds you that bills won’t pay themselves.

So how in the world can you find the time and energy to awaken your dreams?

Time is ticking. If something doesn’t change now, then when?

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t ― you’re right.”

Henry Ford

Hi, I’m Emily Grabatin 

I’m a purpose coach who helps world-changers, like you, recognize who you really are, thrive in your purpose, and strategize your direction so your story and skills can inspire others.

Imagine this:

  • You wake up each morning giddy because you’re clear about what you really want and have a plan in place.
  • Guilt is a distant memory. Your days are only filled with people and projects that matter to you because you live on purpose.
  • You’re at peace with your personality, strengths and experiences – even the painful ones – because you see God weaving them into His story.
  • You believe in yourself and have the courage to make major shifts towards your God-given calling.

 I get chills of excitement when I think of that for you!

You WANT to believe you can do it. You’re just not sure how to get started, how to make the time, how to ditch feeling overwhelmed.

I can help you sort through the mental clutter,

and focus your energy and time on what really matters to you

so you can create momentum towards the impact you want.

Pursuing your dream will shape you.

You won’t be the same afterward.

The journey itself has the potential to help shape you to be the person your dream and calling need you to be.

Hungry to get started?


Ash-Lee Gibson
Writer & Transformation Coach

“I knew of God’s call for my life, and I knew that my purpose statement was bigger than I could handle. Overwhelmed with so much to do and having no idea where to start, I found myself in a rut.

When Emily and I started meeting weekly, not only was I able to come up with a step-by-step action plan, but I was able to let go of withstanding beliefs I had in order to discover my heart’s desire. Today I am launched and confident in pursuing my own life transformation business.”

April Mimms

What’s meant for me? What isn’t? Why do I have great ideas but no motivation to start them, or see them through?… I have two major things in my life, which do I choose, which one is right?

These are the questions that I brought to Emily, confused. I was stressed out, with no direction and an overwhelming, wow-sized vision. 

Emily took all of this, the confusion, the million things I like to do, the wonderful ideas I had, the giant vision I believe is a call for my life, the two things that I was trying to choose between… and she helped me make sense of it all.

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