Download the Overcoming Perfectionism workbook

Is perfectionism holding you hostage?
This 12-page workbook includes a powerful prayer and daily biblical affirmations, crafted to help you heal from perfectionism so you can take your next bold, imperfect steps writing your book or helping people through the message God has embedded in your heart.

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    The Prayer

    Author, coach and ministry leader, Emily Grabatin understands the inner torture it feels to have a dream to use your words, gifts and experiences to help others, yet stay hiding in self doubt and fear for years.

    Her journey out of perfectionism started with a prayer, which is shared in the Overcoming Perfectionism workbook.

    The Lies

    Perfectionism isn't about being perfect. It's more about the fear of being misunderstood, unloved and rejected in failure. The lies behind these fears will keep you trapped in busy work, playing it safe.

    The Truth

    When you begin to believe and act as if you believe what's true about you and God, the transformation begins.

    You begin to take messy steps forward, which bring clarity. Often it's still scary, but it's also exciting! It becomes the practice ground for living out and owning your new identity. As you do, you begin to see your potential and opportunities in a liberating light!