Awaken Self-Discovery Journal

A guided journey to Feeling Alive, Discovering Delight and Restoring Balance.

Start your first week with ease.   

benefits of the guided self-discovery journal for women
Awaken Journal video guides

Use the video guides below to personalize your own Awaken Journal experience, and or join the Awaken Self-Discovery Journal Facebook community to exchange tips, wins and questions!


Hang tight while the video guides load for you.

1 |10 Key Areas of My Life page

Choose 10 key areas that sum up what a well-rounded, fulfilling life looks like for you. This will give you language and focus for the following two exercises in the journal and throughout the 6-month journey.

2 | Wheel of My Fulfilling Life page

This video guides you through the classic Wheel of Life exercise using the 10 life categories you chose.

3 | One Day Bucket Lists page

Use the 3 One Day Bucket List pages to stir up some dreams, desires and possibilities for your 10 life areas and beyond!


4 | Weekly Intentions page

To set an intention means to purpose or aim for something.

Start your week with BEING intentions helps you determine how you want to show up in your days, whatever comes your way. You can set your DOING intentions by choosing which priorities, relationships and decisions get your attention. 

5 | Pour Out Your Heart page

Each week in your journal offer a blank pages with prompts such as What I want to get off my chest and What’s on my mind.  Watch this video if you’d like a prompt to get you started with Week 1’s page.

6 | How to Get the Most from the 6 Weekly Journalling Prompts

a. Answer one question a day. 

b. Do two questions 3x a week.

c. Hang out in a coffee shop and do all six questions in one sitting.

d. Skip to the questions you most feel like answering.

e. Do the questions in order. If one stumps you or irks you, write to uncover why it’s bothersome. 

7 | Weekly Check-In page

Wrap up each week by filling in the weekly Check-In page. Observe how close it came to matching that week’s Intentions page. Did you stay focused or side-tracked? Did your intentions stay the same or did they change?


8 | When You’re In Survival Mode (and it doesn’t feel safe to Dream)

Can you use the Awaken Journal when you’re God-dream plans get disrupted and you’re in survival mode?

It might feel like you have to put everything on hold, but there is a particular way the Awaken Journal can be useful, and how to adjust the different pages to accommodate the season you’re in. 

9 | My Favourite Things page

This When I Feel Calm, Happy, Safe page helps you be ready to remember how to take care of your heart, body and soul when you’re feeling stressed, worn out or neglected. 

10 | Choosing Your Journalling Rhythm

What kind of journalling ritual do you want to maintain? How structured or pliable do you want it to be? You get to choose what’s best for YOU in THIS season of your life.

11 | Monthly Highlights

This video offers two reminders of what to avoid when doing your Monthly Highlights page, and a demonstration on one way to fill it in.

* | Spark Joy Bingo page

Need some spark in your life again? Whether you’re caught in groundhog day, running on autopilot or just want a fun way to rediscover simple delights in your life, this Spark Joy Bingo is your invitation to adventure.

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