Vision Board Retreat 

Reconnect with who you are,
where you’re going
and what’s most important to you.

Create your inspiring Vision Board online with other purpose-driven entrepreneurs Jan 5+12, 2023.



Get clear on the dreams and message on your heart – and what’s possible for your future


Be inspired by other authentic purpose-driven entrepreneurs on their own journey


Make a beautifully themed collage of your intentions, dreams and values for the coming year.

Register for this inspiring Vision Board Retreat by Jan 5, 2023, 1pm EST









❤ Pause to reconnect with yourself, welcome the new year

❤ Acknowledge and be grateful for who you are now 

❤ Reflect on where you are now and where you want to go

❤ Reconnect with your desires, dreams and calling

❤ Create a VISION BOARD aligned with your purpose, intentions and values

❤ Set goals and action steps for what’s most important to you

❤ Connect with like-minded heart-centered entrepreneurs and authors

Dear writer/entrepreneurial friend,


You’ve been working hard the past year!

You have so much to celebrate, even if things haven’t always turned out the way you planned.

That book or business or dream in your heart is only part of your life. You want to live fully in your calling, sharing your gifts and message while still taking care of yourself, being present in your relationships, and paying the bills.

This Vision Board Retreat is a sacred, interactive space for you to pause, check in with yourself and God, and realign your goals, lifestyle and intentions to what matters most the coming year.

It’s worth it — because exciting things are in store for you! And if you’re not intentional, life’s current will sweep you away. Those deep desires and values calling to you are there for a reason.

This is your time to listen, follow the nudge, simplify your approach… and see what unfolds!

xo Emily 

Vision Board Virtual Retreat Schedule | January 5+12

Priming & Creating
Thursday, January 5, 2023
7:00 – 10:00 pm EST
Location: Zoom

Thursday, January 12, 2023
7:00 – 9:00 pm EST
Location: Zoom

Registration: $97 

Includes: Retreat workbook, guided centering time, step-by-step instructions for creating a vision board digitally on Canva, story time, one year of monthly vision board journalling prompts.

Not included: vision board materials or printing cost (approx $15-20 CAD where I live).

*The sooner you reserve your spot, the more time you have to access to preparation instructions and tutorial so you can arrive at the retreat mentally calm and emotionally prepared.

Contact: Email inspired @ emilygrabatin dot ca for clarification on any questions you have. 


Have you made a vision board before? My first experiences weren’t great…

2013 //
My husband and I made our first vision board.
We were told to DREAM up big achievements, find pictures and glue them to poster
board, and this would help us attract these achievements in our lives. The vision
board sat on our shelf for a month, a yellow cluttered collage that looked
GAUDY. Months later, I didn’t even want those things. I threw it out.

2016 //
We attended an entrepreneurial mindset conference, where we
created our second vision boards. Same instructions. This is the year I
made significant decisions in my calling to write a book and fully commit
to coaching. We made huge progress in our goals, but the cluttered
vision boards still ended up in the trash.

2018 //
Was there a way to make a vision board that didn’t make me stressed or 
nauseous, I wondered? One that felt aligned with who I was (BEING), and
not as focused on what I achieved and gained (DOING)?

That’s when I made a vision board that inspired me to visualize the life I
felt called to and to trust God with my desires and goals. Seeing the
board connected to my heart, and reminded me to walk out my roles
mom, wife, author, coach and leader, from a place of peace and
confidence rather than striving.

Since then, I’ve offered numerous intimate
Purpose-Driven Vision Board Retreats.

Each year clients return because they value the prayerful, creative space held for them AND experience the wonder of results, character growth and God at work throughout the year.

Emily Grabatin vision board

Transformation Stories

Oh my goodness what a huuuge change I’ve noticed in my life since the vision board class. The most important area that has grown is my faith and it was definitely an area that needed it. I joined a Bible study and every Tuesday I’m learning and growing so much in my faith.

I also have become more confident in who I am. Within a month of the retreat, I had become the most successful in my skincare side business than I had been in years. I’ve decided to stay home instead of going back to work…so Aloette will be my main source of income now and I’ve been more committed to it than I ever have.

I’ve also been getting outside every day and I’ve been more active (all on my vision board). Next, I want to focus on more entrepreneurial endeavors and my weight loss goals. I’m just SO thankful for the opportunity to join this vision board class. Thank you so so much!!


Emily’s Vision Board Workshop was a great experience. I came away with a beautiful vision board which I posted on my wall by my desk so I can see it every day. It encouraged me to make those things become reality.

One of the things I included was to publish my second book. My first book took me 20 years to write. I had thought I could write my second book in one year. Five years later I still hadn’t finished writing my second book. After putting it on my Vision Board, I published it!

Another thing on my Vision Board is a hyper-allergenic puppy. I’ve wanted one for over 6 years! I finally got the cutest goldendoodle ever! I knew she would help me with anxiety and mental wellbeing, and she does!


historical fiction author

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Come prepared for a clarity, awakening and a good time with other heart-centered entrepreneurs and creatives as you create your vision board.

Why make a vision board?

Without clarity and confidence in who we are, what lights us up and where we’re headed, it’s easy to drift. You’re meant for more than settling and just surviving life. And that dream to write a book, get serious about your business idea, share your message is there for a reason. Whether you’re a natural dreamer or practical supporter, the creative process and visual reminder can help you move through the blah.

Who’s got time to dream?

There’s always stuff to get done – especially heading into a new year! Sometimes making time to dream and plan seems like dessert when it’s really the vitamins. This event is a fun way to hold space for your heart and for what’s important – beyond the distractions and the urgent.

Already have a vision board?

Awesome! Then you’ve had a glimpse of the power of its potential! You’re welcome to join us for fresh vision in your life or in a specific area of your life you want to flourish in the coming year.

Then what?

Inspiration will only get you so far. That’s why I’ve created a bonus ACTIONING SESSION to let your collage settle into your spirit, verbalize your intentions, and create your first doable action steps. This is one of the favourite parts of the retreat! Participants hear the story behind each participant’s vision board, and feel seen without judgement and encouraged.

Ready for fresh clarity and inspiration?

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