Hey purpose-driven, big-hearted friend


You know you’re here to make an impact in your world with your gifts and message — and income, too! 


You’re dedicated to what you do, evolving in who you are, and committed to those you love.


A God-dream has been growing in you, but life is full. You wonder… can I keep going the way things are now?


You’ve caught a glimpse of the impact your knowledge, skills and gifts could have


Family, health, work have required so much of your energy, what little you have left for this dream gets discouraging… 


You’re ready to invest in support to save time and energy instead of spinning your wheels


Because you long to be at peace, present and guilt-free balancing your life, family, self-care, spiritual life and impact


Some days your calling seems like a puzzle: some pieces fit, but how do you figure out the other pieces? What shiny ideas do you work on first?

You know one day you’d regret not investing in this part of your legacy.

It will require a different way of thinking, a different way of doing life than you have before.

But you’re ready.


I know how challenging it is to FLOURISH in your God-given calling without high-level support. It’s hard to do when feeling lonely or weary in the journey.

It’s time to be DONE with leaning on willpower alone, spinning your wheels, constantly second-guessing yourself. I want you to have RELIEF from indecision and chasing shiny carrots.

While you fully believe (on your good days, at least) that God is your Provider, your Guide, your Leader, it’s time for someone with skin on to personally draw out the best in you, make sense of your thoughts, keep you accountable and help create strategies for meaningful progress and profit.

Emily Grabatin Coach

Are ready to invest in WHO God has called you to BE so you can DO what he’s designed you to DO.


Have an IDEA what your business will be, or feel stuck between a FEW business dreams, or KNOW what business you want and how it connects with your calling but it hasn’t gotten traction yet.


Are willing to work through your mindset blocks and stop spinning your wheels, even though it feels strange at times.


Are eager to create space mentally, emotionally and physically for what helps you feel alive (work on your blog, get that book done, enjoy the outdoors, read a cozy novel, horseback riding), so you feel replenished again.


Are ready to feel confident on your messaging and clear on your profitable path, without compromising what’s important to you.



$1500 paid in full or

Four monthly installments of $399

*Prices are in Canadian funds. Applicable currency exchange applies. **Spaces are limited.


Create Your D.A.R.E. Plan

What's possible with our 4 months together?

Shift from SCATTERED and spinning your wheels to CALM, focused, productive with your business idea.

Increase CONFIDENCE to share your message: how you’re uniquely positioned to help your people, and how they’ll trust the value you offer enough to pay you.

SIGN YOUR NEXT CLIENT or bring in your FIRST BIT OF CASH in a way that feels TRUE to who you are.

Make PROGRESS further faster by simplifying what exactly will help you get clients, launch that blog, or scale your impact.

Improve your life/work/dream BALANCE so you live without regrets.

TIME SAVED because you could talk through ideas, avoid shiny distractions, and had the accountability to stay consistent.

Get VISIBLE in ways that play to your strengths and get results.

1 75-minute strategy intensive

to get clear on your 90-day goal, whether to sign on your next client or bring in your first bit of cash, and doable steps to get there.

8 bi-weekly coaching calls

so you can feel personally supported by me as you explore, plan and grow.

Online support for implementation

Feel focused and encouraged between calls, via email and the client portal, so you can keep your strategy and mindset clear.

Resource recommendations

Depending on your GOAL, you’ll have actionable video trainings, worksheets I’ll review personally or recommendations that will equip you WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE OVERLOAD.

Content feedback

Whether an email, blog post, social post, etc, it’s encouraging to have an extra set of eyes on what you need to write related to your dream.


4 months of support

$1500 paid in full or
four monthly installments of $399


*Prices are in Canadian funds. Applicable currency exchange applies.
**Spaces are limited.

client wins

stories of becoming alive, profitable and purposeful
As a business owner in Toronto, my calling is to serve small business owners and to train youth to become marketing leaders.

I was stuck trying to manage many competing ideas, doing too much and not fulfilling my promise.  I was overworking and underperforming.  I knew needed some help — a sounding board, some accountability and direction.

I had worked with a coach before and it was nice but not transformative.  I knew that all top performers had coaches and that it was important, but having a coach that shared my values and perspectives was really important to me.  It took me some time to find Emily, but I am grateful I did.
Emily’s amazing talent is to be a clarifier and a sounding board.  I can stream ideas and thoughts at her and she makes sense of it, helps me to clarify my priorities and live them out.  She then looks for ways to support me.  She is gold.

Within the first four months of working with Emily my business has dramatically changed.  I hired an Online Business manager to help me put processes together and manage staffing, I also have an accountant on board so I can be confident on the financial side.

Most importantly, I have made a clear goal for what I want to accomplish in the business and am starting to build the plan to accomplish it.  The clearer I get, the more resources align to help me move forward.

Hiring Emily is one of the best business decisions I have ever made. 
Marguerite Fleming

President and Founder, GrowthFinder Pro

I am a plus-size fitness professional helping moms to gain health and confidence through nonrestrictive programming and coaching.

I was overwhelmed with making big decisions about what direction to take, working part-time, and managing my young children. I was scared of investing in services when I was not making money yet and was not sure how coaching could help me.

Emily was a voice of clarity and confidence. She gave me gentle nudges to help me find clarity and focus. Through check-ins and accountability, I was able to stay on track. She encouraged me to launch my blog, taught me effective writing strategies, and took the pressure off “doing all the things”.

I met my 3-month goal of creating a website, launching the blog, and believed that I could do big things!

I highly recommend Emily to any business owner/dreamer who needs someone on their side, to believe in them and give clarity in decision making. 
Krysti Beckett

Owner, The Confident Mama

Covid was a turning point for me in that I was stripped of everything I was consumed with. It caused me to spend time getting to know who God is and to realize He has more for me to do.

Emily pushed me beyond what I thought I could be pushed.  First, her friends exercise stretched me to look at the people in my life and see what was missing, and reach out. Then, with deciding to take some personal time to care for myself.

With my morning rhythms  I starting feeling stronger and more in tune with my own need of time with God, meditation, gratitude and affirmations.  These are all things people told me would be good for me, but finding it for myself it became a very important part of this whole process.  I’m eating better, walking and exercising — and that I am proud of.  

Dreaming is one that I am proud of accomplishing. I’ve never been a dreamer so that exercise was difficult, in the end I did it. For the first time in 30 years, I spoke out loud that I wanted to be a counsellor. That led to doing the hard research of schooling, but I am proud that I was able to let that dream rest. This led to deciding to take life coach training.

My coaching experience with Emily helped me realize I can do whatever I put my mind to, and to be the person God created me to be.  And that is to be like Jesus and be a part of our community and helping the broken and lost.    
Gisele Kernaghan

Grandma, group facilitator, women's life coach

"Often the very things that you think have disqualified you are the ones that qualify you to do what God has called you to do."

Christine Caine

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