You have gifts and a dream – that inner sense that there’s more for you in life. Today’s Living Made for More dream interview with business coach Sarah Talbert, we’re going to share some mindsets and actions that helped her discover her gifts and build confidence to grow a profitable business.

When I first connected with Sarah she was exploring her dreams and her potential. She was full of questions, not sure her best way to move forward.

Over time I watched her blossom in confidence as she found her way of sharing her wisdom and gifts in the online space. She draws entrepreneurial moms with her gentle authenticity and her optimism.

Since we first met, she’s become a business coach that helps women discover their gifts so they can build a business that brings them joy and a profit. She’s also working on using her hospitality gifts and passion to host an in person retreat for women wanting to grow their businesses.

In our interview together she shares key perspectives, lessons and actions that have helped her recognize her gifts, grow in confidence and build a profitable business. You’ll find out

  • how Sarah got the nerve to start “her own thing”
  • the lies that held her back (and might be holding you back) and the inspiration about her gifts that jumpstarted her journey
  • what prompted her 13 year old son to say “Mom, I want to chase my dreams just like you”
  • the not-so-secret way to find your confidence
  • how the message “we’ve all been created to create” could inspire your gifts in a simple but surprising way

If you’re looking for encouragement in discovering your own gifts to profitably impact the people you feel called to help and inspire, this is for you!

Find out more about Sarah and her “Discover Your Purpose” resources at or the private Growing Confident Moms group on Facebook

Begin 10 days of creating space in your heart, mind and day so that you can take your next brave action in your dream with the Brave Action mini course.

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