Is perfectionism holding you back in your calling?

Use this 12-page workbook to let go of your fears and choose freedom

Find Clarity

Get clear on beliefs and fears that are holding you back from your calling so that you’re free to choose action over perfection.

Invite Transformation

When you invite God to change the way you see your potential and your calling, adventure in a new identity begins!

Experience Renewal

After years allowing your mind and heart to be ruled by fear, it’ll take consistent renewing your mind with truth to experience the freedom to move forward.

The strive for perfection is rarely about getting everything perfect. It’s the manifestation of beliefs we’ve allowed to dictate our identity, lifestyle and drive our results. We say it’s about quality and excellence, maybe even confidence… if we don’t make our mark, it feels devastating. It gets in the way of the dreams God has nurtured in our heart – and that’s alarming.

My journey to from perfectionism to freedom was a spiritual one – yours can be too.

Begin journaling through The Prayer and Affirmations of a Recovering Perfectionist today!

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Welcome freedom from fears that have been holding you back

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Hi! I’m Emily – author of Dare to Decide and a purpose and calling coach who helps #madeformore dreamers recognize who they really are, embrace what they were meant for and design their faith-led direction so their message can impact others. When I’m not writing or coaching, you’ll probably find me reading books with my daughter, trying to get our skittish bunnies to snuggle, or drinking lattes.

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