I saw Trish Russell’s Facebook posts pop up in groups we mutually hung out in for about 6 months before we actually “met”. In a sea of people stepping out in their calling, striving to stand out above the noise, her posts always drew me in.

So what was so magnetic?

It wasn’t her frequency – I probably only saw her appear every couple weeks.

It wasn’t trendy stock photos. She mostly posted everyday pictures that captured her in her element – from the past and the present.

It wasn’t any kind of polished branding. But her message was clear.

It was the raw, vulnerable courage in which she shared her challenges and daily victories with PTSD after serving two tours in the US army in Aghganistan. It was the engaging way she alluded to trauma yet presented her message with hope and light.

After we met online for a chat to get to know our stories, I couldn’t keep her to myself.

In this video you’ll hear

~ How this army veteran, mom, business owner and PTSD advocate stays on purpose during the ups and downs of her journey
~ The one word that saved her life and family and brought hope


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