Have you ever felt that pursuing your God-Dream is irresponsible?

I did – until I began to recognize these 5 truths:  

1. Starting now positions you to go all-in when the timing is right. 

You could start with the research, learning, skill development, relationships-building, foundational habits.

2. It’s a way to practice courage. 

A God-dream is too big to do alone. You won’t feel totally qualified. 

It will require getting uncomfortable, facing internal and external resistance, and activating faith like you’ve never known – so why not train yourself not to be the kind of person your dream requires?

3. Consider the cost vs investment. 

Often we look at the cost and risk on our finances, time, energy, and relationships, but there’s a short-term and long-term cost to NOT taking action now.

4. You honour yourself and God. 

If an idea won’t go away year after year, there are only so many times you can downplay it before it will begin to feel like you’re compromising part of who you are. 

God will show up to do his part in this dream. What’s your part for this season?

5. Taking the next step can bring clarity to the pieces you don’t understand yet. 

We see dreams in fragments. Maybe you only know the first few steps.  Maybe you see the mountain peak but not the map to get there.  Maybe you know some of the landmarks along the way, but you’re not sure what the destination will actually look like. 

Following through on your first step for TODAY, will bring you closer to clarity for TOMORROW.

If you’re feeling your God-Dream is impractical or irresponsible, yet the idea just isn’t going away, it’s time to book a clarity call with me. Over 30 minutes, let’s uncover what’s truly holding you back so that you feel RELIEF and create a plan of action to bring your DREAM to life. 

You can book a time at https://emilygrabatin.ca/claritycall or hit reply to share exactly what feels irresponsible about your God-dream. 

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