After a disappointing marriage, seven years of being single in my 20’s and 30’s, I understand the challenges singles face. Yes, there is freedom to have your own schedule, but there’s also the emptiness of going home after a long day with no one greeting you with a “How was your day?” When being married and sharing love and life with someone special feel like part of your calling, disappointing relationships have you wondering, “Is there something wrong with me? Should I just settle since there doesn’t seem to be quality guys out there?”

Then there are the expectations and misunderstandings from others. That because you’re single, you’re available for anything. That filling your live with meaningful activities, volunteering and relationships doesn’t mean you’ll find someone or fix your loneliness.

My years of being divorced and single strengthened me, grounded me in what I believe and stand for, and increased my compassion and understanding for others on similar paths. Even if you have a fulfilling job or call and meaningful healthy relationships, doesn’t mean it’s not a struggle to be a Christian single

That’s why, when I met Marie-Eve Dawood at an authors meet and greet at a Toronto restaurant, I was so thrilled to hear her story and her message.

A Christ follower married at age 40, Marie-Eve, too, experienced the deep disappointment, nagging doubts and unrelenting scrutiny that plagues believers who find themselves unattached longer than expected. 
After her wedding, she felt called to share her story and hope with other singles through another life-long dream: writing a book.

In this Living Your #MadeforMore Dream interview, she shares with me:

— why getting married was so important to her
— the struggles she faced trying to write her book
— the big and little steps you can take to make massive progress while keeping up with family responsibilities and a day job
— the one thing Christian singles want and what she has to say about it
Get inspired with how you can get the upper hand on distractions in your own dream as you watch our conversation here:

You can find out when Marie-Eve Dawood’s book will be released here:
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