It’s here.

Dare to Decide: Discovering Peace, Clarity and Courage at Life’s Crossroads is live and on its way to homes.

Though it felt like a scramble pulling all details together for the book release, transforming my living room a little, sweating some tech surprises, and wondering who I might have forgotten to invite…

…the Global Book Release Party went beautifully.

This a book for those who long for a fresh, meaningful direction in their life, but who feel paralyzed in uncertainty.

In the release party author and wellness educator, Hope Flansburg from Hope for Health hosts the Global Release Party and it was a delight to collaborate with her.

Together we shared:

– what was the inspiration behind the book
– why now is time this book is needed so much
– why Hope’s copy is covered in coffee stains and dirt
– what Emily’s unique approach in the book is different than other self-help and decision-making books.

You’re invited to enjoy the conversation – I think you’ll be inspired.

You can explore more about the book at and join the conversation.

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