Crossroads Breakthrough Intensive

90-minutes of personalized coaching with 30 days of support

What would it be like

…if you had unwavering confidence and peace in choosing the direction in how you want to impact others while balancing what’s most important to you?


Boldness to share the message on your heart because you know who needs it most, and others’ opinions don’t worry you any more

Making consistent income and impact doing what you love and sharing what you stand for

Have a clear plan on how to live the majority of your day doing what energizes you 

Trusting fully what God is showing you because you can shut out other voices and influences that weigh you down

Crossroads Clarity

30 days of support for your decision
You’re at a crossroads.

You know you were made for more. You have a few ideas of what this means for you. You’ve  tried the advice of “experts” out there in how to get started. You’ve tried to the expectations culture seems to dictate.

But it’s just not YOU.

In the moments you dare to dream the BIG God-sized dream you know what you’d LOVE to do. But it seems impossible. Overwhelming. A LOT of work. Is it even practical enough to pursue while balancing what’s most important to you?

You want to have enough faith.

You want to feel alive with something that energizes you again. You’d love to know that YOU could design a lifestyle of freedom that’s fun, meaningful and impactful.

But you have lots of questions and hesitations and not enough answers.



Are you ready to ...


let go of what’s been holding you back

… explore the creativity and ideas that are brimming within you

uncover hidden blocks that are sabotaging your progress

discover your unique message and passion and potential for freedom instead of staying trapped the “shoulds”, fear and logistics?

I’m soooo familiar with the frustration of “Groundhog Day” – feeling stuck day after day. You don’t need to stay there!

It’s time to Helping YOU understand and figure out your crossroads of purpose, direction or strategy is my passion…

Because when you become noticed, aligned and unstoppable, the people you’re called to inspire can thrive in freedom from fear, low self-esteem, loneliness, negativity, stress, poor health and the rat race of business.

Does imagining that make your heart leap a little?

Then let’s do this.


What you get:


♦ A caring, faith-filled, understanding but direct coach to infuse hope in your purpose, direction or strategy, call out your COURAGE and dive into the confusing, messy stuff that’s been holding you back.

♦ Complimentary 30-Minute Clarity Call to make sure we’re a good fit working together, to clarify intentions, talk through hesitations and solidify details

♦ One 45-minute intensive and one 45-minute follow-up session (video call via Zoom)

♦ Clear actions steps so can you leave confident know what to do next

♦ Weekly access to virtual support within 30 days 

Two 45-minute intensive + follow-up calls



*Prices are in Canadian funds. Applicable currency exchange applies.

“It's kind of fun to do the impossible.”

- Walt Disney

Transformation Stories

“I came to Emily seeking for confidence and strategy in finding more clients. She was able to ask questions to help me work through some blocks I was facing. By the end of the call, I knew the exact action steps to take to get more clients, and I also gained clarity and confidence in my niche market. If you’re seeking clarity and direction in your life, career, or business – Emily’s your girl!!
Melissa Mathers

Success Coach

Emily guided our discussions towards both a change in perspective and towards action steps that allowed me to explore my vocational and ministry calling with new insights.  Her critical listening skills and ongoing commitment to the study of human growth and potential are strengths she generously shares with her clients.
Private Client

An Educator

"You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."

- Christopher Columbus

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