Need to create space for your calling?

Here’s 100 ideas to make room for your #madeformore dream

Get Inspired

Sometimes we get stuck in the same perspective, excuses and hamster wheel, thinking there’s no time for our dream. Use this checklist to find fresh inspiration!

Create Space

When you interrupt your busyness, frustrations and rat race by creating space to dream, fresh hope ignites.

Ignite Motivation

Fan the spark into the flame of a #madeformore dream that brings you a more meaningful life. With action, clarity and consistency, you can experience fulfillment.

Bored. Restless. Depressed. Hating your job. Meaninglessness. Loneliness. Disappointed dreams. Fulfilled dreams. Busy and burnt out.

What’s compelling YOU to live a more meaningful life? 

You were created for a life of joy and abundance. But what about when life gets in the way? What about when you’re just not feeling it? If you were motivated to do what you think you should do, you would have done it by now.  Sometimes we’ve been in the trenches so long, our soul is dried up. Sometimes we’ve been knocked down so many times, we’re not sure why it’s worth getting up again.

So this checklist isn’t about telling you all the ways you could or should start having a more meaningful life. This checklist is a pathway to make room for an infusion of hope in your dreams again. It’s meant to awaken your spirit and invigorate you with your own possibilities.

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Hi! I’m Emily – a purpose and calling coach who helps #madeformore dreamers recognize who they really are, embrace what they were meant for and design their faith-led direction so their message can impact others. When she’s not writing or coaching dreamers, she can be found reading books with her 3-year-old daughter, brainstorming mini-adventures with her husband and drinking lattes. Here’s to your clarity, freedom and courage in your calling!

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