Ready to get visible but not feeling like an expert yet?

How do you build authority in your niche (and say bye bye to impostor syndrome)?

What about if you’ve been visible with your business for a while… but you’ve made a pivot or created a new offer and you’re feeling a little insecure about calling yourself an expert — even if you do know your stuff?

I invited Shi Chen on Instagram Live to share her tips. Shi is a certified business coach who supports values-driven entrepreneurs and coaches to become the go-to source in their industry and sign dream clients.

In this interview, she shares

// the 3 biggest challenges entrepreneurs face when it comes to building authority (and impostor syndrome)

// how to start getting visible as a new entrepreneur

// how to get visible with authority when you’re scaling, pivoting or offering a few services.


The mindset challenges are probably the biggest thing that will inform how you show up in your visibility and how your strategy can play out.

Showing Up as an Expert Mistake #1

Impostor syndrome soars when you watch what everyone else is doing and start comparing yourself. That’s when you second guess yourself or wonder if there is room for you in the niche.

You can turn this around by affirming, “I got this. There are so many other people who are doing what I’m doing, it must be worthwhile for me, too.” And then: Validate, validate, validate.

Showing Up as an Expert Mistake #2

SHI CHEN: What I see is almost like this battle between understanding what an expert truly is and how you can kind of show up as your definition of one. You might struggle with feeling like an expert. Even though you have all of the certifications, all have the experiences, all of the knowledge, for some reason you feel like you have to know more. In terms of you putting in the work to grow your craft, you actually know a lot. So that’s when you need to recognize that you actually are an expert.

Showing Up as an Expert Mistake #3

SHI CHEN: The other side of showing up as an expert is around women who actually have a really incredible personal story. That is the jumping point to starting their business. Maybe they have overcome a challenge in their life and now they want to help other people overcome a similar challenge in their life.

What they do is they’ll share a lot of what’s worked for them, or they really genuinely they can make really great connections. However, they miss the authority place because, because it’s coming from a place of authenticity. Authenticity is really wonderful. But if people don’t understand how to problem-solve, or how you can help them, they don’t know that they can hire you, and then they just end up in the friend zone.

A Common Challenge to Getting Visible

SHI CHEN: The biggest challenge that people have when it comes to getting visible is that they’re not quite sure what to say. Or they’re nervous that they’re saying something about attracting the right people. The way to solve for that is to create a business message that is clear and compelling so that you’re actually drawing more through clients. Shi Chen created one called the Business Message Makeover Workbook that is available free for you today.

The Biggest Shift You Can Make to Show Up as an Expert with Impostor Syndrome

SHI CHEN: The biggest shift that happened for me was actually reframing the term expert to guide.

I think the word expert almost feels like you’ve reached a certain status and you kind of know it all. However, if you reframe it into a “guide,” or a coach or a mentor, or whatever relates to your industry, you can use your personal notes to guide other people through their own journeys. That allows you and motivates you to get visible because it shifts the focus from me to others. Then you don’t have to wait until you earn another certification.

You can actually start helping somebody with what you know today.


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