10 Days to Brave Action

Overcoming fear and overwhelm to take your dream to the next level


Get clear on 10 areas that might be holding you back from knowing and thriving in your #madeformore dream.


Show up for your dream daily with expectancy. This e-course  isn’t about information. It’s about getting real with yourself and building a habit for success.


Share AHA moments with an online community of like-hearted #madeformore dreamers who want to use their passion, story, skills or message to inspire others.

Do you have a big dream to INSPIRE and HELP OTHERS with your message, passions, experience or skills?

You know what you need to do. Mostly. But it requires getting clear and brave – and you just haven’t been ready…yet.

The 10 Days to Brave Action is a perfect place to begin!

Fill out the Brave Action Self AssessmeNt

Capture where you are now so you can lean into where you want to grow and how to articulate what you need for your next step

Receive daily mini challenges and inspiration in your inbox

Aside 20 minutes for 10 days to get clear on what you want, where you’re head, and what’s been holding you back

Be inspired by stories of brave action case studies

Get access to 4 videso of #madeformore dreamers who applied a brave action mini challenge to move forward in their journey

Find encouragement knowing you're not alone

Offer and receive support in the online closed Facebook community. Yes – your aha moments and transparency of WHEREVER you are in your journey can inspire others!
courage brave for your dream
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