Is something blocking your dream and the impact you feel called to make?

Is your big audacious dream sitting in a closet?
What do you do if your dream still burns inside of you, even if it seems impossible or unrealistic?

Chances are one of these limitations has been standing in the way between you and your dream:

Physical – you don’t have the necessary things like skills, stature or geographical location Health – an illness or your wellness needs have trumped your time and focus

Relationships – you don’t have the support of your family, authorities, friends, peers, community

Finances – it will take a huge financial investment by you (and maybe others) to move you forward

Legal restrictions – dang those red tape and committee meetings

Overcrowdedness – boatloads of others already seem to be doing it; the market is crowded and you’re not sure how to stand out

Disorganization – you’re not sure what to focus on first, how to delegate or you let the urgent dictate your attention

Time – you have work, family or other commitments that clash with the time this dream requires God – you are surrendered to the Holy Spirit’s leading and He’s told you to wait

Doubt & Insecurity – you lack the faith that you’re called and the confidence that you’re the one to do it Fear – you borrow energy and focus from today to deal with things that haven’t happened in the future

So what do you do with that?

Give up? Put it back on the shelf?
… and then what?

Here are 3 unexpected truths that can help you navigate your limitations.

1. Your dream wasn’t meant to be easy

Others with bigger challenges that you have found a way to do even bigger dreams. Is it because they had a special talent? From stories I’ve heard and seen — nope.
It’s because when something was blocking their dream, they nurtured perseverance, courage, determination, resilience, self-awareness, faith — and they consistently asked for and found support. They went after plans B C D and more with Plan A didn’t work.
Some of the most admirable people I know didn’t just pray and wait for doors to open to their dream. They knocked doors down – through prayer and sometimes through persistent action.
Know the most productive, profiting actions to take. Focus on the pieces you can control. Delegate or request support for what needs to be done but that you don’t have to do. Let go of the rest for now.

2. Sometimes dreams don’t come true.

Your vision for your dream – how you picture it is based on what you’ve seen, imagined, experienced so far in life. But the more action and experience you have, the more understanding you have of what could or won’t work.
Your dream might end up looking different than you picture it now. But I’m guessing the value, heart and essence of it will remain the same — or better.
Sometimes big faith + team + strategy + perseverance in pursuit of a God-sized dream leads to a bigger than you imagined. Sometimes it turns out differently than you aspect. And other times the idea of the dream turns out to be the stepping stone to flourishing in your calling. The key is to have adaptable faith that stays strong through the journey.

3. Your dream is meant to shape you.

You won’t be the same person you are at the beginning of your story that you are at the end. The journey itself has the potential to help shape you to be the person your dream and calling need you to be.
In the journey towards your dream, you will have some of your toughest moments yet.
You will probably feel like giving up. You’ll have exhilarating highs. Long days. Discouraging lows. I’ve heard this from nearly every entrepreneur or mission-minded individual I speak with. It gets toughest before the breakthroughs. And the breakthroughs only happen for those who don’t give up.
In the pursuit and diligence, you are developing the strength, hope, gratitude and faith for the success ahead.
Whether you dust off your dream and begin today or pick yourself up from disappointment in the journey, what gifts could you give and receive in your dream pursuit? 

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