#MorningRoutine #morningritualAre you a morning person?

I’ve wanted to be a morning person for a long time. I’d imagine having a solid, consistent morning routine that I’m in control of. Because I like the peaceful solitude of starting the day on my own terms and connecting with God before life bombards me. And I’ve seen the posts floating around cyberspace: the most successful productive people have consistent early morning rituals.

But my body has not cooperated.

And that’s my fault.

Not the fault of my toddler who likes to climb in bed with me in the wee early hours, glue herself to my side and raise hell in the sacred silence the moment she discovers I’m gone.

Not the fault of my stiff achy body that reasonably demands more water, stretching and exercise than I’ve been giving it.

Not the fault of the dry winter air that makes my eyes sore and glued shut in the morning.

Not the fault of the winter darkness and melatonin that soothingly lulls me to stay under my heavy warm covers. It convinces me that anything that seemed like a good idea the night before is an unnecessary evil.

Not the fault of the adrenaline that surges the moment my alarm jolts me awake and leaves my heart pounding the next few minutes.

All of those seemed like reasonable excuses to delay revamping the morning routine I really wanted to have. Until I’d get up and start getting ready. Then I’d think about how refreshing and energizing I would have felt had I forced myself to get up early enough to enjoy peace, focus and exercise.

The last few months, snow days, the stomach flu, sagging motivation and scattered focus have derailed my intentions. Balancing #allthethings was getting frustrating. Month after month, my sense of calling to help #madeformore dreamers grew more urgent and fervent. I realized something major needed to shift in my life. I had to figure out a way to increase my capacity get stuff done and make that impact.

As a #madeformore dreamer, I believe your message needs to be shared with the world. Because of you, women can feel confident and worthy, mamas can live unburdened meaningful lives, humans can live abundant lives by real faith and generosity, and lunchless kids can go to school and receive a lunch that helps nourish their heart, tummy and potential.

It was time for a major shift in my heart, habits and focus.

Yep, I could outsource more tasks, cut more activities out that helped me feel like an inspired human, and actually create a dang meal plan. But that’s not the shift that was calling to me.

The biggest conviction that wouldn’t leave me alone was establishing a better, more consistent morning routine. I had always aimed to get up early enough to read my Bible and/or exercise. I definitely felt much better when I did. But as I researched (and was challenged by one of my coaches) what makes a productive, energizing, positive morning routine, I realized I needed to show up for myself in a whole new way.

I’d love to have you sit here reading a post on my story of How My Morning Ritual Changed My Future and My Life. But I’m still in the middle of living that story I want to tell. Instead, I’ll share the morning routines of 3 #madeformore influencers who have inspired me. If you are realizing you need to create more space to show up the way your calling dream needs you, how could one of these posts and podcasts inspire you to a new level?

Allie Casazza – How my morning ritual is changing my life

This popular blogger mama and influencer is on a mission to help other mamas declutter and simplify the things that have them wasting time, stressing out, and counting the minutes till the day is done so that they can be present and purposeful. In this post and podcast episode she shares why she started getting up earlier, what she does in that time, and how that has directly impacted her success. Her 29.5K Instagram followers didn’t happen by accident – and that’s not even a measure of success for her!

“The single most transformative thing I did was to start getting up earlier. It has literally changed my life!” – Allie Casazza

Michael Hyatt – Five strategies I use to set myself up for the most productive day possible

Michael’s the founder and CEO of a leadership development firm specializing in transformative live events, workshops, and planning tools. His books and articles on goal-setting, productivity and life-plans have been shaped the systems I use for my own success. Without diligently sticking to his morning ritual, he would not be where he is today. Though he has many blog posts and podcast episodes on what it takes to become a morning person, this one shares screenshots of a tool he uses and what he’s had to do to protect his routine.

“In my experience, the best way to ensure a productive day is to set myself up for one the night before.” – Michael Hyatt

Jeff Goins – My morning routine

A published author, blogger and dad of little ones, Jeff admits that routine is not something that comes naturally to him. In this post, he shares what works for him in getting his writing done at least in one season of life – even while the little one is drinking his bottle and playing at his feet.

“The reality of routines is they’re usually so quirky and idiosyncratic that they really only work for the person practicing them.” – Jeff Goins

Need more morning routine inspiration?

I could list a dozen more, but the last thing I want you to do is get lost in the vortex of bunny trails. Tune into what you’re already sensing is the ONE thing you need to do or shift to start your day on purpose. What can you do now to plan for tomorrow?

However, if you’re still stumped on ideas for creating space in your life to show up at a new level for your calling… if you still need a personalize ritual or routine that would get you more focused, motivated, present and productive with your day, check out this goldmine:

My Morning Routine: An archive of 279 interviews with parents, entrepreneurs, writers, full-time-jobbers, inspiring creatives, early risers, late risers.

Do you have a morning routine? What’s working / not working for you?



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