In a reflection on 2017, I share my 3 treasure from the year: essential ways I grew through my entrepreneurial adventure.

1:00 The new way I approached reflection over the year

2:00 My new way of viewing and setting goals and intentions for my year

3:44 My strong belief about you living your purpose.

7:20 Treasure #1 – What grew my skills, my impact and balanced my emotional roller coaster moments of starting a business

9:15 Treasure #2 – The powerful thing that gave me the hope, perspective and strength during my highs and lows.

12:18 Do dreams really come true?

13:47 What you are missing out on without having a coach.

15:43 Treasure #3 – The key to finding enough clarity to get started.

22:50 What do you need to know or have to reach your breakthrough this year?

23:42 One way you can overcome fear and overwhelm and make room for entering your next level of potential: https:/


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