Ever said or thought one of these statements lately?

I’ve got to do more.

People will forget about me if I don’t show up.

I have to work harder to get my break.

As purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders, is so easy to stay caught in the hustle of everything other influencers are doing

…to get visible

…to help the people they are called to serve

…and grow their impact and income.

But I also am inspired by the growing number of leaders who are transparent about their values and tendency to overwork, and are taking sabbaticals from certain activities.

What I know about you: you are a hard worker. You pour yourself into what matters and the people you care about. And taking care of yourself is a practice you remember better some days than others. That’s why in this post, I’ll help you identify the lies you believe that keep you overworking, and offer 20 affirmations for rest and creativity.

I also know this truth: Your REST fuels your creativity

…to do what matters more effectively and efficiently

…to write, coach, be visible in ways that delight you, rather than responsible drudgery

…to fully live those moments of freedom you’re doing all this for in the first place.

This month, I’m listening to the nudge to rest, explore what delights me and delve into my creative side this month. Some days I’m better at it than others.

So far my rest and delight look like

  • going for ice cream with the family
  • check in on the adorable baby cottontail bunnies growing in my friend’s garden
  • planning a mini camping trip
  • making some journals to sell on Amazon — a desire that’s been growing for the past year

What about you? What do rest and delight look like for you this month?

So how can YOU rest so that your innovation and leadership discernment can flourish?

Or is there hesitation or burden that’s stopping you from taking care of yourself and enjoying life?

You can get started with these two steps.

1 // First, call out the lies and adopt new truth

What underlying belief is keeping you a slave to your work habits?

Lie #1: “No one will remember me if I go off social media for a few weeks.”

Truth #1: When someone on sm has impacted me or made meaningful connection II have hunted them down in all the places to see what they’re up to if I haven’t seen them in my feed for a while.

Lie #2: “My business will fall apart if I take time off.”

Truth #2: Yep, could be. Or not. How can you batch ahead? Or is this the incentive to get clear on what you could outsource? Or plan your year differently? Or strip down to the 20% of money-making actions that make of 80%of your revenue and impact?

Lie #3: “I don’t know who I am without working hard”

Truth #3: Your value is in who you are, not just what you can accomplish or how you’re needed. Time off to reconnect with what delights you, inspire fresh ideas or tone down intensity… just might reveal a wholesome side you forgot about.

2 // Start small and make a plan.

  • Go off social media for weekend.
  • Take a true Sabbath day off.
  • Go on a trip.
  • Do something different – and leave your phone off.
  • Only check your emails 2x a day.

🌷 Where can you start today?

Emily Grabatin Creativity to live your purpose starts with rest

3 // Adopt these 20 powerful affirmations on rest and creativity.

My worth is based on who I am, not by what I do.

My rest is productive.

My creativity is fueled by rest and delight.

Resting is my way of taking care of the body and mind God gave me and giving me the energy to take care of the people God entrusted to me.

I shine my best self when I am well-rested.

It is safe for me to enjoy a break.

I feel alive and vibrant when I make space to express my creativity.

I inspire others by taking time to rest and through my ideas and insights.

I am calm and peaceful, at ease with who I am.

I release my responsibilities and worries to God and give myself permission to sleep deeply.

I freely share my creative ideas and there’s more where those came from.

I’m inspired by the beauty and interactions around me.

My fun, creative self is ready to play.

I feel good about what I have and have not done at the end of the day.

My burden is light because Jesus carries it with me.

I give myself permission to do nothing — and enjoy it.

I am full of unique ideas and inspiration for solving problems.

I have everything I need to create something simple and magical that inspires the people I’m called to help.

I breathe deeply and slowly, grateful for every breath.

Doing less makes space for me to savour what matters most in my life.

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