Even though you know you’re made for more than the rat race and groundhog day, you have a good reason why you hold back from pursuing your God-dream. 

It’s frustrating feeling boxed in by limitations, fear and thinking through all the next steps at once.

Often when you’re stuck, you get fixated on one limitation, magnifying the challenge and the discouragement. Maybe no one has taught you to think for a breakthrough. Let’s do that now.

This mini training shows you a simple step to unlock the #1 thing that holds you back from your God-Dream

Do this to take away the ominous ambiguity:  

First, name that one thing that’s holding you back. Give it a label, a description, a feeling. 

Now, imagine you’ve had a breakthrough. The block has been resolved. 

What does it feel like on the other side of the breakthrough? Is it exciting and freeing? Or is it scary as more fears and hesitations surface? 

We can get so comfortable with our crossroads, it becomes strange to experience confidence on the other side. Friend, you were created for the other side, not the crossroads.

How to begin your breakthrough

Have you ever noticed when you often talk about how you’re stuck to a good listener, you often feel better and find BREAKTHROUGH faster?

Or when you take the time to journal what exactly your fears and limitations keeping you stuck, your challenge feels much CLEARER?

I’m so excited to let you know that I have limited spaces for breakthrough sessions next week!

Don’t waste a minute more on your block. Start feeling better THIS WEEK.

If something’s holding you back in your God-dream, it’s time to book a clarity call with me. Over 30 minutes, let’s uncover what’s truly holding you back so that you can START to have full clarity and a plan of action to bring your DREAM to life.

You can book a time at https://emilygrabatin.ca/claritycall or hit reply to share exactly where you’re feeling stuck.

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